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Transform Your Bathroom with Shower Panels

Installing the shower panels can completely change the way you feel every day when taking a shower. These Floors to Walls can transform taking your morning showers from feeling like a chore into a fun activity, that you will take pleasure doing. The panels are very different compared to the traditional shower heads and especially because they come with three options that you can use to take a bath. They will save space, and their sizes will range from 6 to 8 inches in their width, they are 60 inches tall.

The panels have a shower head, and they also have a hand held shower head which can stretch to about 5 feet. This means that you can direct the water sprays where you want and the body parts that cannot be reached by the usual shower head. The great benefits are the body jets that will give your body a soothing relaxation. There are shower panels that can pour six jets, but there are those that have less. The shower panels can use both the shower head and the jets at the same time.

There are shower heads that have other additions like the rainfall shower head which you can use to pour water on your body, and others will have a head that massages your body. Others will be manufactured with the anti-flogging mirror that you can use to shave. The other variety comes with a digital thermometer and this enables you to see the water temperatures at a glance. When you go shopping choose well so that you can get the best that serves your needs best. There are different varieties that you can select from and are available in the market. Find the best that will blend in well with your bathroom décor. Find the best color, material, size and the right type of shower head. For more information, see here:

The shower panels are very easy to install, they are mounted on the bathroom wall, and one can adjust the height that they need. For those who need them in a corner, you can discuss this with the plumbing service provider so that they bring along the mounting hardware. The shower panels are strong, and you will enjoy the showering experience every day for many years. If the panel unit is damaged, you can replace it easily by getting a new one from the hardware store or any shop dealing with home improvement services. Choose from the different option, but take your time so that you can buy the best color, type, size, and the design. Learn more here:

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